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Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update from my Galaxy Nexus

The wait is over, finally, my Galaxy Nexus has Jelly Beans!!!


[HOWTO] Flashing ‘yakju’ firmware image on Galaxy Nexus (maguro) shipped with ‘yakjuxw’ firmware

A simple procedure to flash `yakju’ firmware on the Galaxy Nexus to get android v4.0.4.

Micromax ezpad Q35 Unboxing

A colleague of mine got a Micromax ezpad Q35 triple SIM (2xGSM 1xCDMA) phone. I made a video while it was being unboxed and is available on YouTube. I don’t own the phone and don’t intende to use it. Hence can’t offer an opinion about it. Hope some of you find the Unboxing helpful in […]

Google Samsung Galaxy Nexus Unboxing

My first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and an unboxing video.

My Top 10 Apps for the N900

I have been using the N900 as my main phone since August (except for a brief period of time when I went back to my N95, while the N900 was getting serviced). I have installed and tried loads of applications and games, yes there are loads of them available, provided one knows where to look for them. Some have caught my attention and made the job easier, some were just a waste of time.

My bitter experience with Apple…

I read an article about Apple releasing the iPod when I was in college. It took a long time for Apple to release it in India and even when they did it, it wasn’t very cheap for everyone to buy it. Every time I went to an Apple store, I used to get fascinated to […]