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Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update from my Galaxy Nexus

The wait is over, finally, my Galaxy Nexus has Jelly Beans!!!


[HOWTO] Enable Minimize and Maximize buttons on window title bars in Fedora 17

Display Minimize, Maximize and the Close buttons on window title bars in Fedora 17

[HOWTO] Installing ICS on HTC Google Nexus One

Steps to install a custom ICS ROM on a HTC Google Nexus One.

Review: Firefox for Android

Review of new version (v14.0) of Firefox for Android.

Review: Tasks for Android

Review of the `Tasks’ app for Android.

[HOWTO] Flashing ‘yakju’ firmware image on Galaxy Nexus (maguro) shipped with ‘yakjuxw’ firmware

A simple procedure to flash `yakju’ firmware on the Galaxy Nexus to get android v4.0.4.

[HOWTO] Using Ext2fsd to view Linux partitions in Windows

Ext2fsd utility can be used to mount and view the contents of a linux partition in Windows. Here’s how it can be done. Download Ext2fsd from the following link Ext2fsd downloads Run the installer to install the application. Once installed, launch the “Ext2 Volume Manager” from the installed location. A window is opened which displays […]