Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update from my Galaxy Nexus

The wait is over, finally, my Galaxy Nexus has Jelly Beans!!!

I got the OTA update notification a couple of hours back. When the phone rebooted to install the update, I got a picture of a broken android with a Red Exclamation Mark. That got me worried a bit. I also had an idea where the problem was. I went back to my earlier post on how to flash the stock ‘yakju’ firmware replacing the ‘yakjuxw’ firmware and realized that I hadn’t flashed the correct radio. This was pointed out in a comment to the post and I verified this by checking the forums at xda-developers.

I then downloaded the correct radio from here and flashed it using the following procedure. (Refer to my earlier post to understand the setup required to follow the steps I have written below).

  1. Download the correct radio file for Fastboot from here. I prefer to use the Fastboot images, if CWM is flashed, one can use the CWM to flash the radio too. Extract the image file from the zip file downloaded.

  2. Power off the device, boot into bootloader by pressing the Volume Up, Down and the Power keys simultaneously.

  3. Open a command prompt on the PC and navigate to the location where the image was downloaded. Make sure that fastboot.exe is accessible (i.e., the location containing fastboot.exe is added to Path environment variable). Connect the phone to the PC via USB and type the following to check if the phone has been detected on the PC successfully.

    fastboot devices
  4. Now type in the following command to flash the radio:

    fastboot flash radio radio-maguro-i9250-xxfl1.img
  5. Wait until the prompt returns, and then type:

    fastboot reboot

Choosing to install the updates this time will go through successfully.

I will now get back and enjoy some Jelly Beans. Will keep posting more on my experience.




  1. Hi, I had the same issue. I followed your instructions and flashed the radio. It was successfully applied but when I rebooted and tried to apply the update in the cache it gave me the same error. I am running the flashed yakju 4.04 build number IMM76I.

    1. Do you have ClockwordMod recovery? If so then revert back to the stock recovery. I have read that having CWM also fails the update.

      1. No – I don’t have a recovery. Do you know where I might be able to download the original radio for yakjuux?

      2. Try this link That contains the radio files which can be flashed from fastboot or using CWM recovery if you have it. Note that using either procedure is the same.

  2. Thanks. I already flashed the radio-maguro-i9250-xxlf1.img to my phone. I also yesterday deleted my cache on the phone hoping the phone would re-download the update. Do you know where I can download the 4.1.1 update for yakju?

  3. Thanks! I had the same problem, and your fixed worked!

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