Review: Tasks for Android

Google’s Tasks are a convenient way to keep track of things to be done. Unfortunately Google doesn’t have an official application on the Android to manage tasks from a phone. One has to either use the web browser and log-on to or use one of the many 3rd party applications available on the Play Store. Some of the notable ones include:

All these applications offered various features including Synchronization with Google tasks, Recurring to-dos, prediction of task items and so on. But none really fit the need in terms of ease of use and simplicity, until I came across the `Tasks’ app.

The app developed by `Team Tasks’ has a paid version and an ad supported free version (Play Store links at the bottom of the post). Once installed, the app requires you to authenticate with your Google account where you have to grant permissions to manage Google tasks. After the application is authenticated, the Synchronization begins and any tasks created/added in Google tasks will appear automatically.

Google tasks supports lists and in the app each list is displayed as a separate view which can be switched to by swiping across the screen. Each view allows you to add new tasks, clear completed tasks and manage task lists. The application can be set to automatically synchronize with Google using predefined intervals. The task list view can be sorted based on the creation time or tasks’ due date. A task list can also be shared using Android’s built-in share feature.

And finally a few drawbacks/unavailable features of the app:

  • Adding recurring tasks isn’t supported. This is mainly because Google tasks doesn’t support creating recurring tasks/to-dos. However, it is something worth expecting the developers of the app to provide.
  • There’s no support to add map or contact related information if the task involves going to a specific location or meeting a specific person.

Nonetheless, the application does an excellent job in providing a pure experience of the Google tasks in an easy to use interface. Its worth the money for the paid version as it does what it claims to do.

Play store links for the app:


P.S: I have tested the app on Android version 4.0 and above. Those of you running Gingerbread can share your experience of using the app in the comments below.


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  1. Thanks for helping out, fantastic information.

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