[HOWTO] Restore Ubuntu’s title bar buttons to their Original location

In the recent releases on Ubuntu, the positions of the Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons have changed. They are now located in the top left corner of the window instead of the usual top right. Those of us who are used to the top right corner find this hard to get used to.

It is very easy to change the position of those buttons back to the old location.

  • Press Alt+F2, in the dialog box that opens, type in `gconf-editor'.

  • Go to `/ -> apps -> metacity -> general'. Under that, look for key `button_layout'.

  • Observe that the default value will be set at Minimize,Maximize,Close:. Note the position of `:’. The items mentioned before it will be on the left side of the title bar and the ones after it will be on the right side.

  • To get the buttons onto the right side, change the value to Menu:Minimize,Maximize,Close. This will put the window menu on the left and the 3 buttons onto the right side.

That’s it.




  1. Maybe they changed this after you have written the blog post, but I had to enter the following value in order restore the default:



    1. Perhaps, let me check that again. Thanks for pointing it out.

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