[HOWTO] Install the latest version of Firefox on Ubuntu

I am a hardcore Firefox user and getting the latest version of Firefox on Ubuntu (any version) isn’t really straight forward. The updates for the default installation of Firefox that comes with Ubuntu, aren’t directly related to the updates that Mozilla releases to Firefox. Moreover if Firefox is downloaded from the website, installing it doesn’t really replace the already existing version of Firefox. Hence one is having to juggle between the two instances.

There is however a simple procedure to make sure that the new version of Firefox is launched all the time. The following steps describe the same.

  1. Download Firefox from http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/new/.
  2. As super-user extract it to /opt directory (say /opt/firefox-6.0)
  3. Now run the following commands to ensure that this new version replaces the old version:

    Keep a backup of the old version (just in case)

    sudo mv /usr/bin/firefox /usr/bin/firefox-old

    Now setup symbolic links for the new version.

    sudo ln -s /opt/firefox-6.0/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

A note of caution, when Ubuntu pushes any updates to Firefox, there is a chance that the updates might reset the symbolic link setup above to the default version. So the links may have to be setup again. You may also choose to completely remove the Firefox installation that comes with Ubuntu.

There is no worry of updating the new Firefox installation manually as it checks for updates on it’s own.

That’s it.



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