My bitter experience with Apple…

I read an article about Apple releasing the iPod when I was in college. It took a long time for Apple to release it in India and even when they did it, it wasn’t very cheap for everyone to buy it. Every time I went to an Apple store, I used to get fascinated to hold the device in my hand and listen to music, watch videos on it.

I have a huge collection of music and I needed a solid, user-friendly, handy device to manage it. I used a Walkman (which I still have) but that meant I had to carry the discs wherever I went.

Mobile phones could have been a choice for me, but I never fancied listening to music on a mobile phone. I don’t like to get disturbed when I am listening to music and that tends to happen a lot in a mobile phone.

About a couple of years ago, I finally decided that I would buy an iPod which at that moment appeared to fit the bill for me (I was proven wrong eventually). I bought the iPod Classic with 160GB of memory. The iTouch was out at that time, but I felt it was way to expensive and not worth spending that amount of money for memory size of 8/16GB, which incidentally is still expensive today.

The first few days were just merry. I didn’t do much with it during the first few months other than Sync my music library and listen to music on it. I started hating the way Apple had forced the consumers to use their own software to sync music in a very specific way. Most media devices allow users to just copy the music files directly and play them right away. I ended up having two data stores of my music collection, one on my pc from which I was syncing and the other on the iPod where the music gets copied, just in a fancy way.

A few days later I thought of watching videos on the tiny screen and realized that the device played just a couple of video formats. Having to convert the videos I have to the format supported took time and it wasn’t a great experience after all. One can’t expect much out of the tiny screen anyway.

Thus I stuck with just listening to music on it. It went on that way for a few more months.

A couple of months ago, I was back in Mysore and I had left my iPod on the bed. When I got back it was lying on the ground. I picked it up and noticed that the display was stuck at the apple logo screen and no key presses had any effect on it.

I tried resetting the iPod by pressing the Menu and the center key together. The device rebooted and got stuck again at the same screen.

I took it to imagine which is an apple store in Bangalore to get it checked. I had heard that they service the apple products.

I described the problem to the guy who spoke to me and he took the iPod and connected it to a PC and said that he would check if there was anything wrong. He then rebooted the device and before it reached the screen where it used to get stuck, I heard a sound of something getting stuck in the device and I knew by then that it was a problem with the hardware and it was probably caused because of the fall.

The guy at the store confirmed that the issue was with the hardware. I then asked if they fixed it there or that I had to go elsewhere to get it fixed. He replied saying Apple doesn’t have support in India to fix hardware related issue. I was shocked at what he said and I asked if he was completely sure about what he was saying and I also told him that I was willing to spend for it. He said he was sure about it.

I was very disappointed and just when I was about to leave, the guy said Apple has some sort of buy-back policy where I could return the broken iPod and get similar brand new one, ofcourse at a price. I asked him how much would it cost me, he checked on his computer and said that I would have to pay 9,500 Rupees. The retail price was 13 thousand something. That didn’t make any sense at all.

The iPod I owned was 2.5 years old and I had got it from US through my cousin during a thanksgiving sale. I had paid about 12,800 Rupees. At that time it costed about 17,000 odd Rupees in India.

Paying 9 thousand odd for the same product and now with the knowledge that I will have to live with a crappy service network, didn’t really seem like anything to me. I just thanked the guy and walked out.

I asked people if they knew any place where they would fix the iPod but nothing good turned out.

Thus the iPod I bought turned out to be a very expensive electronic device from China. I never really liked Apple products much, In my opinion they just have lot of eye candy and nothing else. But the most disappointing thing is the service network of such a ‘BIG’ company like Apple.

I am still not ruling out that my iPod can’t be fixed. I live in Bangalore and if any of you readers know any place in Bangalore or anywhere in India where someone can fix it, I will be more than thankful. I miss the iPod, I just loved listening to music on it (even though it wasn’t easy setting things up on it).



  1. Anandnilkal · · Reply

    Dude, checkout ample technologies in RT nagar, they do service apple products. It seems it’s a apple certified service centre. Though it isn’t available on apple site…

  2. I have been using ipod touch from last 3 years and still going strong . I mostly use for surfing ( mostly checking emails, orkut, facebook,google). have also been using for music and checking youtube once a while and other apps like weather, stock market etc etc..Except for occasional crashes on safari, i havent had any problems with mine.

    I am guessing it was one of the few bad apples but its hard to believe your horrible experience.Hope u can get urs rectified soon at apple stores.

  3. Bharath Narayan M G · · Reply

    @anand I think the imagine store I went to get it checked is part of Ample technologies. But I will get it checked at that place. Thanks man..

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